Why I keep breastfeeding my baby beyond the first year

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This is a personal note to my self to brighten up my spirit on breastfeeding my 16-month old. As a mother who works full time outside home, I need to express regularly to provide breast milk to my baby (or should I say my little toddler).
Breastfeeding my baby on the go

Breastfeeding my baby on the go

 With the fast pace of working life that I face, it is very easy to get lazy or bored with this pumping duty. When I met other pumping mamas, some of them asked how old my baby is, and most of them are amazed that my baby is actually more than 6-month old. Their comments would be something along.. ‘Woahh, you are such a persistent mommy’ (to keep breastfeeding going)  or ‘I would stop at 6 month because I could not keep doing it at work’.
Hearing these comments sometimes make me feel ‘come on, you are already doing a good job, you can stop now.’ But I tried my best to brush off that thought of my head. Because I have intended to breastfeed her until 2 years old, and I want to stick with it. Now, to keep me going strong, I would like to remind myself  the reasons why I keep breastfeeding my baby even beyond 1 year old:

  • I want to breastfeed my baby till 2 years old because that’s strongly recommended in Islamic practice. This recommendation can even be found in Quran. While this is not compulsory, I will definitely try my best to follow the best Islamic practice.
  • I want to breastfeed my baby till 2 years old because it is recommended by WHO. While exclusive breastfeeding is only up to 6 months, it is strongly encouraged to continue breastfeeding your baby to boost up her immune system.
  • I’ve breastfed my first born until he was two years old, why should I do things different with my second?
  • Look at her while she’s nursing. With her never-ending antics, don’t you think it is the cutest sight you could ever see? Savour this current moment while it lasts. Soon, she’ll be a big girl in no time and you will miss those snuggling moments together.

Here’s her latest nursing action. No more cuddling her stuffed animals, but nursing while reading a book, haha..!

Mommy, please read this to me while I nurse

Mommy, please read this to me while I nurse

 She even attempts to flip the book, oh my…
Flipping book while nursing

Flipping book while nursing, this is the first time I’ve seen this

Now, share with me, how long have you breastfed your baby and what kept you going.


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  1. says

    I applaud your persistence! I would love to breastfeed my babies for as long as I can! But my supply dwindled when I went back to work and I could only manage about 11 months before I totally stop. I would encourage you to go on as long as you are happy with it. I really like to feeling of my baby suckling my breasts for milk. I am sure all breastfeeding mums enjoy the feeling too!

  2. Fiftarina says

    Thanks Christy. Definitely, I love the feeling as you do, too. No mater how long each mom breastfeed, I believe every mother always give the best for their babies, so let’s give ourselves a great applause!

  3. says

    I am really glad to read this post.Because I still breastfeed my son who is 20 months now.I want to feed him till he is 2 years too.But,still it is a challenge.Sometimes,it is difficult to travel long hours because I have to nurse him.In some places,it is not easy to find a nursing room etc etc. 🙂

    • Fiftarina says

      Hi Amila, we’re in the same boat. Yeah, as the baby grows bigger, it’s not that easy to cover up during nursing session. I use my head scarf to cover my baby while nursing, and she’s getting accustomed to it. Have you tried using a nursing poncho? I saw some with wider size online. All the best for your breastfeeding journey!

  4. says

    Ooh, I love this article, Rina. I think you are A M A Z I N G. I believe in the power of extended breastfeeding but for me, it was easy because I was home with my little one. Good on you for continuing as a working Mom, having to pump every day. Your commitment and dedication to giving your child breast milk are commendable.

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