How to start cooking healthy meal at home


When I was an undergrad student, I frequently bought my meals outside. Fast food, oily dishes, I ate all of them for the sake of ‘I need to focus on my study, no time to cook’. After I graduated and moved to my own rental apartment, I became lazy to buy ready to eat meal. […]

Simplistic White Chicken Curry (No curry powder!)

White chicken curry.. yumm..

There are a lot variation of chicken curry that I know, but Javanese white chicken curry is the one that I grew with since my childhood. In my home country, Indonesia, this special cuisine won’t be frequently served in our daily menu, because it is usually reserved for special event and celebration, especially Eid al-Fitr. […]

Quick Meal: Baked Fish with Crumbs


I am stuck when it comes to cooking fish. Most of the time, I will deep fry the fish. Sometimes I grilled the fish, but only for weekend since it can take quite some time to prepare. Since I have access to oven now, then why not to try new baked fish recipes. I found […]

Exotic Grilled Mustard Chicken Recipe – Perfect for Summer Party!


My family is a chicken lover. So, I tried to vary my chicken recipes and find more recipes that are yummy and healthy at the same time. Since I have an oven at home, so I tried to utilize it to the max by doing some baking and grilling. Well, it is healthier than deep-frying, right. One of […]

Less Hazzle with Online Grocery Shopping at Redmart

Online grocery shopping, perfect for busy moms

Have you tried online grocery shopping?   I didn’t know if it exists until two years ago my sister urged me to try shopping at Redmart. And I love it. Since then, I’ve been a regular customer.  Why I love shopping at Redmart? As with other online shop, it saves me a lot of time […]

Quick Meal: Tofu Omelette

Quick-prep Meal: Tofu Omelette

No time to cook on busy days? Quick meal comes to the rescue. This tofu omelette is really quick and simple to make. My family loves this and I hope yours too. Ingredients: 1 firm silk tofu, diced into small chunks 2 eggs, Spring onion, finely chop (optional, I just love to add bright color […]

Taliwang Grilled Chicken

Taliwang Grilled Chicken, yumm..

If you are looking for an exotic, rich-flavoured grilled chicken recipe, try this Taliwang grilled chicken.  In my house, it has been our favourite grilled chicken recipe to go and I always got compliments whenever serving this dish to relatives and guests. Originated from  Mataram (Indonesia), this recipe combines assorted spices to create a unique […]

Pizza Hack: Mini Pizza Recipe from Leftover Bread

Mini pizza ready to eat

Last weekend we had quite a lot of left-over plain bread, and I thought it would be fun to turn them into mini pizza. I just utilized ingredients that I already had at home. This mini pizza is so simple to make. It only took me about 30 minutes to prepare the sauce and toppings, […]

Easy Grilled Fish Recipe Your Family Will Love

Yummy grilled fish, ready to eat

Before this weekend,  grilled fish is one kind of dine-out menu,  because I rarely made one at home. But today I have proven that making grilled fish is easy, with very simple recipe of basic marinade sauce,  and I bet your family will LOVE it. I use whole red tilapia fish,  but you can use […]