Benefit Of Being A Little Imam

becoming the little imam

Abdurrahman turned 7 years old since last November. That means we have to be more serious in teaching him how to do a proper daily prayer (sholat).   Other than constantly reminding him about how to do proper movements during the prayer, plus all the adzkar to recite, we have been sounding to him about […]

It’s Been A While…


It’s been a while since I updated this blog. Many things have changed since the past 6 months. I resigned from my full-time job and decided to be a mompreneur. I was busy with travelling, preparing my son for P1 entrance examination, falling sick, and some more other important life-changing events. Stay tuned.. I’ll update […]

My review of Taman Safari Indonesia 2


We went to Taman Safari Indonesia 2 during my recent trip to my home town. At first, I was skeptical and expecting ‘just-another-zoo’ just like Singapore Zoo and ‘Batu Secret Zoo’. Boy was I totally wrong. We had a BLAST visiting there and if you haven’t, I highly recommend you to visit this place. Before […]

Our 2015 trip highlights


Hey all, I’m back! With lots of exciting stories to share from our 2-week holiday trip. While I work out on the details, I’ll let you have a peek on the highlights of our trip.

School Holiday Fun, A Summary


The school holiday has ended. I hope you had a lot of fun with your family and especially your children. For this particular holiday, we didn’t do any overseas vacation since we are anticipating the great ‘Balik kampong’ trip to our home country to celebrate Ied in about two weeks time.   So what did […]

Imaginarium at Singapore Art Museum

Playing with giant blocks at Imaginarium

  This is a quick recap on our visit to Imaginarium at Singapore Art Museum (SAM). I’ve heard about Imaginarium several times from some mommy bloggers, but I never thought to visit it with my kids until I read one mommy blogger’s post. She has visited Imaginarium twice with her children, and her children didn’t even feel bored.  […]

A Day in My Life

Ready to go to school

After 7 months going back to work full time, I thought it would be fun to share with you how a typical day in my life looks like. My day starts at 5.30 am. My alarm clock rings, and I quickly turn it off. I checked on little girl. Let her nurse for a moment, change […]

Abdurrahman is four years old (+ four months)

Abdurrahman by the pool at Harris Hotel Batam Center

Ok,  I should post this four months ago,  but I was just turned off by how hectic my work was,  so here is my late post about my son. Being a four year old,  my son loves to be called big big boy.  He’s a lot more talkative and able to express his feeling really […]

We got new bikes, not only one, but FOUR


It’s been a while since my husband wanted to buy our son a child bike so that he can enjoy a new experience of cycling by himself.  With Abdurrahman’s birthday around the corner,  hubby began viewing available bike models in the neighboring bike store. But suddenly,  one night he brought a surprising new for us. […]

Wandering around Choa Chu Kang Park


During a recent public holiday, we went to choa chu kang park.  This park is the nearest nature park to our house.  It is only 10 minutes away by foot.  I’ve been to this park once.  That was already a few years ago.  Now that the park is enlarged to encompass wider area,  we are […]