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Welcome aboard!

‘Resourceful Hut’ is a personal website that house all awesome tips and great things that we picked throughout our family journey. What you can find here:

  • Kids activities that we do. While the idea presented in this website may not be new, I love to be more creative by customizing each activity to better fit my children’s interest. I hope that some of these activities would inspire you to do more activities with your kids and spend meaningful time with them
  • Parenting and motherhood tips. While there are abundant tips everywhere in the internet, I personally hand-pick only tips that work for us as we sail through our parenting journey.
  • Healthy recipes from my kitchen. We eat homemade food, so we cook at home almost every day. I believe in cooking healthy food. I don’t normally use any processed food or condiments (except only a few) in my cooking. So, if you’re looking for healthy and yummy recipes, this is the place to explore.
  • Last but not least, my family stories. This is a place for me to chronicles any exciting happenings in my family. Find out our favorite family hang out or just simply some fun stories to read.
  • More to come… Soon I’ll be sharing more about my DIY projects that are fun and cost-saving for the family.

Stay tune and enjoy!

a little more about me ….

  • a wife to wonderful husband (Subkhan)
  • a mother to cheerful children: Abdurrahman (born 2010) and Khadijah (born 2014)
  • an electrical engineering graduate that loves computer programming, more detail on my professional activity here 
  • was in Indonesia for first 17 years of my life, 9 years in Singapore, 18 months in Idaho USA, and now back in Singapore again

Fun facts about me:

  • I am Indonesian, but often mistaken as Arab or Indian woman. One lady actually speaks to me in Urdu without asking first (imagine my blank look – lol)
  • when I go out alone, people tend to think that I am a school-going girl due to my style of clothing – typical Islamic school uniform- and big backpack, and …
  • yes, I am that petite such that my parent say I can sneak to a secondary school as a student *big grin*

If you need to contact me, feel free to email me at fiftarina {at} gmail dot com or leave a comment below.

Sharing is caring!