Where to Buy Books for Less

Get books for less, save more!

We are book-lover family. We have big book cases to keep our book collections. But we don’t have a lot in our budget to purchase books. Hence, we rely more on great deals to buy ours. At least half of our collection were purchased of half of their original price.  Curious where to buy books […]

Why I keep breastfeeding my baby beyond the first year

Breastfeeding my baby on the go

This is a personal note to my self to brighten up my spirit on breastfeeding my 16-month old. As a mother who works full time outside home, I need to express regularly to provide breast milk to my baby (or should I say my little toddler).  With the fast pace of working life that I […]

5 tips to increase milk supply for pumping mama (that really works!)

Bottles of expressed milk

As a working mother, it is easy to get drown in the hectic work, accumulating stress and skipping some pumping sessions. Then, all of sudden, we realized that our milk supply has dipped, and not much left in the freezer stash.   What to do? If you are still determined to provide breast milk for […]

Five tips to cultivate reading habit in children

Khadijah reading in library

As a family, we would like to nurture our children to be a book lover. The reason is simple. Books contain a wealth amount of knowledge that children or even us as adults need. By loving book, there’s more tendency to get much more knowledge. Some of you may argue but hey, this is a […]

9 Tips To Get Your Children Stay Motivated to Learn Reading Qur’an


Alhamdulillah Abdurrahman has just finished iqro level 3. Things are smoother now and Abdurrahman is more eager to read every single day.  Honestly,  I was amazed that he can read part of verses  really well. Looking back when he struggled to read even one by one letter,  I didn’t expect him to progress this fast. […]

My breastfed baby refuses bottle, what to do?


This is a problem that I faced prior to returning to work. My breastfed baby refused bottle-feeding.  Whenever she’s offered a bottle-feeding by her caregiver, She would refuse it and cried unstoppably until she’s tired and fell asleep.  Sounds familiar to you?  How did i cope with this issue? It is normal if your breastfed […]

10 minutes a day challenge

10 minutes a day

If you feel that you don’t have time to do certain thing,  perhaps you want to give it a 10-minute chance.  Who does not have 10 minutes spare time every day?  Hey,  it’s just 10 minutes,  what can I do in such short amount of time.  Well,  start simple,  set a realistic goal on what […]

How to Deal with Newborn Jaundice: A breastfeeding mother point of view

My newborn baby when he suffered from jaundice

Both my kids suffered from newborn jaundice. I tried to breastfeed them exclusively since birth at that moment. What’s the result? My first baby received supplementation (since day 5 and I could never get to breastfeed him exclusively ever since). My second baby was lucky, because even though her bilirubin level also shot up pretty […]

Why I Chose to Give Birth in KKH

This is my ward after giving birth in KKH

  When someone gets pregnant, typically she starts looking for gynae and hospital to deliver her baby. For me, I have chosen KKH, not once but twice, to deliver my children. Some of you may ask why, because here in Singapore, it seems that private hospital (such as Thomson) is more popular for giving birth […]