Simple activity to drain your child’s energy

how to drain your child energy

Are you looking for ways to drain your child’s energy so that the can sleep better (psst.. Or faster?). Here’s one simple activity that your child will love. You can even do this indoor! Blow up some balloons. Tell the kids that we now have a new challenge to keep the balloon off the floor by […]

How to plan kids activities when you are busy

how to plan kids activities

The school holiday is over. As a working mom outside home,the biggest guilt is that I cannot accompany my child during holiday. So, I tried to prepare activities for my son for every weekdays in his holiday. Yes, one month full of activities. Now I thought that hey there are a lot of mothers out there who […]

Imaginarium at Singapore Art Museum

Playing with giant blocks at Imaginarium

  This is a quick recap on our visit to Imaginarium at Singapore Art Museum (SAM). I’ve heard about Imaginarium several times from some mommy bloggers, but I never thought to visit it with my kids until I read one mommy blogger’s post. She has visited Imaginarium twice with her children, and her children didn’t even feel bored.  […]

Choo Choo Train Button Snake

Choo choo train button snake for buttoning practice

I’ve been intending to make a button snake play for my son since quite some time ago. I need to get him learn how to put on button shirt by him self. But every time I wanted to start making it, I always wondered, will he be interested to play with it? It’s such a […]

Little Postman Role

Little postman play

A few days ago,  suddenly Abdurrahman wanted to be a postman and he started delivering ‘mail’ with his tricycle.  As impromptu as it was,  i didn’t have enough ‘letter’ for him to deliver. The day after that,  I thought it would be nice for him to get the experience of sending a letter and delivering […]

Preschool Math: Fun Counting with Caterpillar

Fun Math for Preschooler: Counting Caterpillar

Looking for a fun was to learn math with your preschooler? I bet they will love to learn counting with caterpillars. Last Sunday I stayed at home with the kids.  Baby Khadijah had a high fever so she was attached to me almost all the time.  I need to find quick activity to keep Abdurrahman […]

DIY shape matching puzzle for preschooler

DIY shape matching puzzle for preschooler

This DIY shape matching puzzle is very easy to make at home.  You can even invite your preschoolers to create it on their own. The idea is pretty simple.  We would like to match certain objects to their shapes,  which are traced in a paper.

DIY car race scene in a pail

DIY car race scene

If your children are crazy about cars and things that go,  you will love to try this DIY swirling car race scene idea. I got this idea when my son suddenly take one of our pail and play him favorite cars inside it. The idea is pretty simple and I just use things around my […]

Butterfly Theme Learning Activities for Preschooler

Fun learning with butterflies

During the Children day holiday, I invited my preschooler for a butterfly-themed learning activities. He seems intrigued by the picture of a boy trying to catch a butterfly in his encyclopedia book, so I thought making him a similar scene would be fun.