Wandering around Choa Chu Kang Park

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choa chu kang park

Visiting Choa chu kang park

During a recent public holiday, we went to choa chu kang park.  This park is the nearest nature park to our house.  It is only 10 minutes away by foot.  I’ve been to this park once.  That was already a few years ago.  Now that the park is enlarged to encompass wider area,  we are curious to check how the extension park looks like.

community garden choa chu kang park

community garden choa chu kang park

To our surprise,  the park extension is pretty huge,  encompassing a large children playground (complete with its sand play area), adult exercise corner, senior citizen exercise area, mini garden managed by  neighborhood community,  and a few covered rest areas that are perfect for picnic.

The foot path are asphalt-covered,  so is perfect for cycling,  skate boarding,  or scootering.

From our house,  we reached the extension part first,  and Abdurrahman immediately requested to play in the playground.  He challenged himself to climb a rope maze leading to a slide.

challenging rope maze

challenging rope maze

He also loves hopping to the bright choo choo train and shaky safari jeep.

choo choo train choa chu kang park

choo choo train

shaky safari jeep choa chu kang park

shaky safari jeep

After that,  we checked the main park, which has ampitheatre,  several playgrounds catered specifically for toddlers,  elder kids,  and adventurous kids.

toddler playground choa chu kang park

toddler playground

children playground choa chu kang park

children playground

I love the trees surrounding the park,  especially this one.  Don’t you think It is perfect for the aisle of garden-themed wedding reception?

choa chu kang park

choa chu kang park

My husband especially loves these trees,.  Their branches reach out almost horizontally,  making them look like a series of umbrellas,  providing ample of shades in sunny days.

lovely trees choa chu kang park

lovely trees at choa chu kang park

I think we should visit nearby nature park more regularly.  It’s really refreshing to our mind and a good exercise for our body.

Do you love visiting nature park? What is you favorite one?

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