School Holiday Fun, A Summary

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The school holiday has ended. I hope you had a lot of fun with your family and especially your children.
For this particular holiday, we didn’t do any overseas vacation since we are anticipating the great ‘Balik kampong’ trip to our home country to celebrate Ied in about two weeks time.


So what did we do in town? Here’s the recap.

In the first weekend, we went to national museum of Singapore. We thought that the annual Masak-masak programme has begun, but unfortunately we were one week too early. Nevertheless, we had some much joy admiring the marvellous architecture of the museum building. The children really enjoyed themselves at PLAY section of the museum.

Khadijah reaching out to pick up fruits

For each weekday during the holiday, I managed to give Abdurrahman a surprise activity to do. Every morning I would tell him what to do. In the evening   He will show me things that he made while I’m away at work. Here are some of his crafts. Click here to see how I plan his activities for the whole month.
Space printable from

Space printable from

Insects paper plate crafts with stickers, fun!

Insects paper plate crafts with stickers, fun!

The second weekend, we explored Imaginarium at Singapore Art Museum. Then on Sunday, we had a play date at admiralty (my sister’s house). The children went swimming with dads, while moms catching up with each other while busy preparing meal in the kitchen.
Playing with giant blocks at Imaginarium

Playing with giant blocks at Imaginarium

The third weekend we went to zoo. The children had fun at The Water Theme Park. Oh, have you checked our most favorite spots in the zoo, btw? Read it here.
On Sunday, we had a big lunch at AMK with the great family of hubby’s high school alumni. It’s great to meet them again, and especially because our children are around the same age!

Singapore Zoo we are coming…

The Ramadhan started. This Ramadhan is extremely special since Abdurrahman start to practice fasting with us. The first weekend of Ramadhan we held our very first ifthar gathering (for breaking fast together) for nearly 25 people. was the first time for me hosting such a big (well, at least for me) gathering. We prepared Taliwang grilled chicken and meatball soup for the main dish. This is the first time I cooked in a big batch (yup, nearly 10 lb of chicken), and without taste-testing (we were fasting). But nevertheless, Alhamdulillah things turned out well. The guess love the dishes.
Taliwang Grilled Chicken, yumm..

Taliwang Grilled Chicken for ifthar

Some of my friends were very kind to bring extra homemade snacks to nibble right after breaking fast, and oh they are so yummy. We had:
– blueberry pie
– choux pastry
– rissoles
– ice cendol
– and fruit cocktail dessert


The children had fun playing together. The adults had fun catching up with each other in between the sunset and night prayers, and you know, the party ended at nearly 10.30 pm.


And finally came the last weekend of the holiday. We didn’t go somewhere far since we didn’t want to make Abdurrahman exhausted. Finally, we chose to escape to Early Literacy Library at Jurong East. Unlike our regular library in Choa Chu Kang, this library is definitely huge. The kids had fun choosing the books and even got chance to listen to an audio book.

Reading lots of books at Early Literacy Library

So, that’s about all. Did you have fun with kids this school holiday? What is your most-favorite place to visit?
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