Simple activity to drain your child’s energy

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Are you looking for ways to drain your child’s energy so that the can sleep better (psst.. Or faster?). Here’s one simple activity that your child will love. You can even do this indoor!

  1. Blow up some balloons.
  2. Tell the kids that we now have a new challenge to keep the balloon off the floor by bounce them up with our hands and body (you can use feet if you want to). Assign one balloon to one child (ps: you can play too, it’s fun!!)
  3. Ready…. Start… And count together how many seconds each of you can go, or count how many times s/he can bounce up the balloon before it falls down.
  4. See who wins the challenge
  5. Repeat as necessary

You will see your kids running around the living room, trying to bounce up his/her balloons while bursting in laughter. What a simple way to spend time with your kids. And yep, it will drain your child’s energy in the end and he’ll fall asleep faster.


What do you do to tire your child out and make him sleep faster? Psst… share your tricks with me, I’d love to try them with my kids =D

Sharing is caring!